Quality Control

Selecting good materials

Raw materials are the primary guarantee for the product quality safety. The Company has always paid attention to purchase of raw materials.


To guarantee the safety and quality of raw materials, the Company has configured a professional purchase team and detection devices as well as very strict purchase procedure, rules and regulations to guarantee the safety and quality of raw materials.


From the qualification review of suppliers to the strict bidding process and then the inspection of raw materials in batches, the Company has always adhered to the purchase principle of “zero tolerance for safety problems and no quality problem ”, which forcefully guarantees the quality of Xuemailon products.

Fine production

As the automation level is getting increasingly higher, the Company stilly attaches high importance to control and management of the production process flow.


The Company controls quality in each process flow and each procedure from raw material grinding, entry into the kettle, extraction, filtration, distillation, inspection of finished products, packaging in barrels and cartoning of finished products. “Specifying the system of each shift, responsibilities of each team and procedure of each staff” has become one major characteristic of the Company’s production.


The Company performs fine production and timely production with all the staff involved.

Strictly control quality

Since its foundation, the Company has developed a strict inspection system and has signed a long-term inspection agreement with SGS to increase product inspection items to inspect semi-finished and finished products in batches. The Company’s CNAS certified laboratory strictly controls the quality.


The Company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in the industry at an early time and successfully passed ISO22000 food safety management system certification, realizing normalized management of product quality control.