Technology Center

The natural condiment industry is a technology-intensive industry. The enterprise will embrace a better future only by paying attention to and attaching importance to the product research and process research. We have an independent technology center, strengthen the input into technological R&D and focus on in-depth research on the place of origin of raw materials, product process, natural flavor, safety detection and application technologies to lead enterprise development. Currently, the Technology Center possesses supercritical extraction, subcritical extraction, spray drying and product application test devices as well as many sets of product safety detection instruments like HPLC, GC-MS chromatograph, Gas chromatograph, etc. The Technology Center is the Natural Condiment Extraction Research Engineering Technology Center of Zhengzhou City, Henan Provincial Engineering Technology Center and CNAS Certified National Laboratory.

Technology process research

The best raw material selection

The best process selection of different products

Energy conservation and consumption reduction, new process research

Efficient extraction research

Product detection analysis and research

Product safety risk detection

Standard detection and analysis of spice substances

Prevention and control of hazardous substances

Safety indicator monitoring during development of new products

New product research

Building of the spice type database

R&D of special flavor, rare flavor spices

Development of composite condiment products

Development of new featured products

Product application technology research

Research on the production process of snack foods, composite condiments and pre-made 

Experimental study on optimal utilization of characteristic new flavor products in composite seasonings and condiments

Research on the flavor trend and categories

Reserve of condiment flavor and featured spices