Environmental Protection

We aspire to build an environmentally friendly and sustainable enterprise. We attach importance to environmental protection by establishing a wastewater treatment plant that meets and exceeds national standards, while reducing the impact of noise and aroma on the surrounding environment.

Energy Savings

* Use of modern energy technologies to reduce the company's use of natural gas and electricity, with the introduction of solar power generation in all new plants.

* Production process change, technology transformation, advanced technology application and technology improvement such as heat pump technology to reduce the use of electricity and natural gas.

Sustainable use of raw materials

* Establishment of an independent raw material base and research on the sustainable development of each raw material.

* New product development, based on the global resource perspective, pay attention to price trends and climate of origin, risk control, and strive for sustainable and stable supply channels for products.

* Raw material by-products are fully utilized for secondary development or as feed auxiliaries, without producing by-products to be discharged to the outside, and the whole production process is environmentally friendly.