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E-Commerce Operations


Recruiting number:



1、Responsible for the promotion of e-commerce platform operations and activities;

2、Responsible for Taobao, Alibaba, Jindo and other platforms of promotion, publicity and other activities planning;;

3, responsible for online through train, diamond booth, search engine, network cooperation platform placement and management;

3、Responsible for the construction of online shopping mall and copywriting planning;

4、Collect and organize relevant operation data, and develop relevant operation management system;

5、Complete other work assigned by the superior leadership.



1、College degree or above;

2、Operation experience, live e-commerce experience, FMCG brand side operation experience is preferred;

3、Familiar with the mainstream platform operation rules, familiar with live with goods, good at activity planning, marketing promotion.

4、Strong execution ability, strong anti-stress, clear and flexible thinking, excellent communication and coordination skills, cheerful personality.

Salary: five insurance and one gold; provide accommodation and food